2020-04-01 | Konferenzbericht | International | Erneuerbare Energien

17th International Conference on Renewable Mobility

More than 600 participants from 25 countries attended the conference and took part in the presentations and discussions regarding possible options for a more sustainable future mobility serving under the goals of the Paris Agreement and the obligations of the REDII. The conference provided the opportunity to access the most recent information about the relevant market developments, technological innovations and the future of renewable mobility.

The present bioenergy associations then further presented their suggestions for reaching the carbon-emission reduction targets, which included:

  • Avoiding a CO2 taxes for sustainable, renewable fuels
  • Harmonisation of REDII requirements with the “Green Deal” demand, including a commitment to increasing the share of renewable energy in the transport sector, from 14% in 2030 up to 20%, otherwise the targeted reduction of the GHG-emissions will not be seen as feasible.
  • Taking RESfuels into consideration in view of the European threshold values for CO2-emissions in the transport sector. The use of renewable fuels and their savings of fossil-based emissions must sufficiently be taken into account regarding these efforts.

Press Release: FNR