2020-04-01 | Publikation | International | Synthetische Treibstoffe

Advanced Biofuels - Potential for Cost Reduction

IEA Bioenergy - New Publication

IEA Bioenergy has published a new report on the potential for advanced biofuels cost reduction carried out under Task 41 with contributions from Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. The report “Advanced Biofuels – Potential for Cost Reduction ” confirms that there is a gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current fuel prices. This gap can be reduced in the medium term through process improvements in designing, building and operating plants, financing costs reduction as well as technology learning. Policy support will continue to be needed to enable these technologies to mature either in terms of added value for low carbon fuels or carbon costs applied to fossil fuels.

Download Report: IEA Bioenergy