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Neste satisfied with the preliminary agreement on RED II

We are pleased with the agreement on the EU-wide overall target of 32% for renewables in 2030, and the target of 14% for renewables in transport in 2030. This shows that the EU takes climate change seriously.

2018-06-19 | EU | Gesetzgebung | Erneuerbare Energien

ETIP Bioenergy Workshop Emerging Technologies

New biofuel production concepts focus on decentral small-scale biomass conversion units and on integration with fossil refineries. Hydrogen from electrolysis can significantly enhance the utilization of biogenic carbon in synthesis gas processes.

2018-06-19 | EU | Konferenzbericht | Konversionstechnologien

EU-sourced biofuels in the future renewable energy mix

Farm Europe’s Green Energy Platform welcomes the decision of the European Parliament and European Council to reject the Commission’s proposal to phase out all 1st generation biofuels.

2018-06-19 | EU | Pressemeldung | Energieversorgung

Durchbruch bei Erneuerbare-Energien-Richtlinie

In der Debatte über Ziele für erneuerbare Energien in Europa ist in der Nacht vom 13. uf den 14. Juni ein unerwarteter Durchbruch erzielt worden: Die Verhandlungsführer des EU-Parlaments und der EU-Mitgliedstaaten erzielten einen Kompromiss über ein 32-prozentiges Planziel und einen vollständigen Ausstieg aus der Nutzung von Palmöl im Verkehrssektor bis 2030.

2018-06-19 | EU | Gesetzgebung | Erneuerbare Energien

Small cut in EU's total greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 but transport emissions keep increasing

The EEA's 'Annual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2016 and inventory report 2018' shows a 0.4 % decrease in the total EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2016, compared with 2015. From 1990 to 2016, the EU has reduced its net greenhouse gas emissions by 22.4 %, surpassing its 20 % reduction target by 2020.

2018-06-19 | EU | Publikation | Emissionen

Biodiesel exports rose strongly

In the first three months of 2018, German exports of biodiesel rose strongly. Above all, demand from the US, but also from Belgium and Austria saw a sharp increase.

2018-06-19 | Deutschland | Pressemeldung | Biodiesel

Same prices for Diesel fuel and palm oil: the consequences

UFOP urges trialogue parties in Brussels to reconsider their position on biofuels – Asking prices for diesel fuel and palm oil have reached virtually the same level. The reason is contradictory price trends for crude and palm oil.

2018-06-19 | Deutschland | Pressemeldung | Biodiesel

Commercial transport can be fossil-free by 2050

A fossil-free commercial transport system in the timeframe of the Paris Agreement target is not only possible, but also financially attractive from a societal perspective. This is the key conclusion of a study initiated by Scania.

2018-06-19 | International | Publikation | Verkehr

Ethanol Produced from Steel Mill Emissions

Carbon recycling company, LanzaTech, and its joint venture partner, Shougang Group, a Chinese iron and steel producer, have announced the successful start-up of the world’s first commercial facility converting industrial emissions to sustainable ethanol. The facility, located at the Jingtang Steel Mill in Caofeidian in Hebei Province, began operations on May 3.

2018-06-19 | China | Pressemeldung | Ethanol

Green Gas

Facilitating a future green gas grid through the production of renewable gas

IEA Bioenergy Task 37 published a study on Green Gas - Facilitating a future green gas grid through the production of renewable gas.

2018-06-19 | EU | Publikation | Biogas

Trotz besserer Motorentechnik verbraucht der Pkw-Verkehr immer mehr Energie

Rebound-Effekt: Mehr Gewicht macht technische Effizienzgewinne der Pkw zunichte

2018-06-19 | EU | Pressemeldung | Verkehr
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