2017-10-04 | Pressemeldung | International | Biotreibstoffe

Velocys continues to make progress in renewable FT fuels

This summer Velocys reported the production of first finished, saleable products at Velocys’ commercial reference plant in Oklahoma City.  Fischer-Tropsch products are now being fractionated to produce renewable waxes, diesel and naphtha, meeting customer product specifications. The on-site operation team  is continuing the implementation of the pre-planned program of ramping up production to target operational capacity over the coming months.

On 18 Sep 2017 Velocys announced that it has entered into a partnership to prepare the business case for a commercial scale waste-to-renewable-jet-fuel plant in the UK. The aim is to achieve a final investment decision in 2019. Members of the partnership include: British Airways, Suez (an expert in recycling and waste management), Norma (affiliate of Ervington Investments) and Velocys itself. The plant would take hundreds of thousands of tonnes per year of post-recycled waste, destined for landfill or incineration, and convert it into fuels. The jet fuel produced is expected to deliver over 60 % greenhouse gas reduction and 90 % reduction in particulate matter emissions. Velocys believes that there is the opportunity to develop a series of waste-to-jet fuel plants in the UK.

Source: Velocys
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